With adolescent egotism and a lot of money one can pretty much rule the world.



Shane was not happy with the fact of the United States Navy placing captured Somali pirates in Kenyan prisons.


“They aren’t our responsibility,” he growled.  “They should be in Somalia or Ethiopia, Maurice.”


“They wouldn’t hold them for long - too much of a danger, Shane, for those countries.  At least Kenya is stable now and we can do President Obama a favor.”


He sighed heavily and lit a cigarette.  I knew this wasn’t the real reason for our president’s angst. 


“You’re right, as always, Maury.  My brother Sam called me last night bitching about the workload at Simba Brothers and how he had expected Solly to take his place there instead of being legal counsel for the clinic.”


“I thought the pirates weren’t your real concern this morning, Sir,” I teased. 


“You and my wife know me all too well.  Join me for a drink, Maurice.   It’s almost closing time.  Have dinner with Betty and me tonight, will you?”


“I’d love to do both,” I told him, opening the cabinet and withdrawing the Chivas Regal bottle.  I poured us drinks. 



I work with Shane on the Somali pirate issue......


            The studios of WMM-TV in the Mara were crackling with activity.  It was the first day on the set of Caroline Cheetah’s new cooking show that she had honed with a year in Paris.  Irving Impala, the station owner, had relented on the title just so long as it was written in French  across the screen.  The show’s title, Caroline’s Buns, seemed to be more palatable and less bawdy in that language: Caroline de Petits Pains.  It made Irving less nervous.  The anxious impala had tried a soap opera filmed locally which was setting the African stations on fire.  It had gone into syndication so Irving decided he might just have another hit with the fiery Caroline. 


Irving Impala owner of the television station in the Mara....


            Caroline Cheetah had only borne two cubs and therefore her body has taken few of the usual hits from years of childbearing.  Caroline was from a litter of six that was a year older than Ashley Lyon.  She had tightened her skin and looked like a zillion bucks.  Her first cub was the result of a quickie on Shane Simba’s presidential train, her second the result of her now defunct marriage to Sloane Simba.  She was back in the Mara and preparing a new cooking show.  Caroline was slated to prepare tempting gourmet delights on camera.  She, carefully and with great detail, chose her wardrobe, which might better suit a lingerie ad or an MTV video.   


Caroline films her televised cooking show....


         Shane pays rapt attention to Bill Clinton's talk...



Shane and Betty in America.....


            The following week, Shane and Betty went to America for Shane to attend Clinton’s Global Initiative meetings and give a speech.  Solly took this opportunity to attend a birthday party for Caroline ending in a few nights in the presidential abode.  The birthday party made the news due to the president’s son and his cheetah lover carrying canoodling to a fine art. 



Enjoying alone time in the mansion......


          Having seen the newspaper photos, Imani Lyon took a fall on the runway at JAGGERS, exposing little or no underwear.  Imani’s father’s new lover, Evangeline Cougar, went into a funk. 

Imani takes a runway tumble.....



            Shane and Betty Simba were in their 5 star hotel suite in America.  Shane, as is his habit, was reading the newspapers from Kenya and America.  They were spread over the presidential breakfast table. 


“Fifi, a chimpanzee killed a woman in this country.  It had to be shot by the cops,” said Shane, chuckling.  “Do you think you’ll be asked about this – being a chimp and all?”


“Thanks for sharing that tidbit, darling,” laughed Betty, taking the newspaper from him. 


Her husband then picked up the main Kenyan newspaper. 


“My God, Betty,” he roared.  “Here are pictures of Solly with Caroline Cheetah.”


Betty looked at the pictures of her son obviously enjoying himself with Shane’s former sister-in-law and baby mama.


“Maybe he just happened on the birthday party, Shane,” said Betty alarmed at the intensifying fury in her husband’s green eyes. 


“Betty, these pictures illustrate more than his ‘happening on a party.”


            That afternoon when Shane was tied up in meetings, Betty placed a call to their son.


“Solly, dear, dad is very upset at the pictures of you and Caroline Cheetah,” she said. 


“Don’t worry, Mom.  I won’t get her pregnant like Dad did. Ciao.  Have a great day, Mom.  Love ya!” 


The line went dead.  “Shit, said Betty.




Solly celebrating Caroline's birthday with her at the pub.....

            The first couple arrived home just in time to see me fall flat on my face in a dreadful showing of my latest art work.  Borne of the angst remaining from Lachlan’s betrayal, it was not in any way like my former paintings and pieces that had been very popular.  Betty and Shane were far too kind to remark on the reviews but Bertram Baboon, who has never been at a loss for commenting on others’ failures, nailed me. 


“Maurice, this is simply hideous,” he stated, sipping from the pricey champagne offered as refreshment at the gallery reception.  “Whatever got into you?”


“I decided to do something different,” I told him in a defiant stance. 


“Stick to your original format, Maurice.  This entire collection is merde.”


“Sorry, it doesn’t suit your fancy, Bertram.”


One guest who did enjoy the work was Gabriel Chui, my sporadic leopard lover.  Of course, being a flashy type, he would.  Gabriel offered me a roll in the hay at my home.   Bertram offered me dinner at OKAPIS.  I was hungry so I accepted Bertram’s invitation.  I had to presume he was feeling guilty about his take on the art and would be generous.  I silently vowed to order filet mignon.


With Betty Chimpo Simba at my ill-fated art gallery showing....

             Solly Simba went to his first day of work as legal counsel for the Tigeres-Lyon Clinic.  One of the doctors was decidedly cool to him.  Dr. Evangeline Cougar was barely civil at the staff breakfast to welcome the young lion attorney. 


Unhappy Dr. Evangeline Cougar gives Solly the cold shoulder....


“Solly, are you seeing Caroline Cheetah?”


Shane Simba asked his son that question point blank over drinks in the library of the mansion that same evening.  Betty was taking a shower.  The conversation was between father and son. 


“I thought you might ask me about my first day at work, Dad.  Yes, I am seeing Caroline Cheetah – among others.”


“She is Catherine’s age.  Old enough to be your mother, Solly.”


“And old enough to be the mother of your love cub, right, Dad?  Do keep in mind that Mom is probably old enough to be your mother too but that fact doesn’t seem to bother you a bit as it shouldn’t.”


“I heard my name,” said Betty, gaily, as she entered the room.  Shane lit two cigarettes and handed her one while glaring at his son.

“You two are going to expire of lung cancer,” stated Solly.  “I won’t be here for dinner.”


“He is the soul of impudence,” said Shane, as Solly left their company.


“And you love him more than anything,” said Betty.


            Gerald Giraffe had a request from his dear friend and business partner.  She wanted him to specially train her daughter, Caroline Cheetah.  So one late afternoon, it was no surprise when Caroline slinked up to Gerald all gussied up in the latest workout fashion. 


“I have a new cooking show, Gerald.  I have to be very fit,” she purred.


“I wasn’t aware that you had to be ‘fit’ to cook, Caroline,” chortled Gerald.  “It’s probably that young stud you're shagging that brings you here.”


“Mind your damn business, Gerald,” snarled Caroline.


“Okay, girlfriend.  You will need to be VERY fit when Shane Simba kicks your ass for banging his son.”


“Like father, like son,” purred Caroline.


Gerald Giraffe, partner in the fitness center, RUNNERS....



"The story continues..."