If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

MILTON BERLE, as quoted in Dana Lightman's POWER Optimism



“Are you shagging the President’s son, Mommy?” asked Cindi Simba, offspring of Caroline’s marriage to Sloane Simba and the apple of her daddy’s eye.


Cindi, who lived with her dad and stepmother, Lucy Cougar Simba, was visiting her mother on a Saturday.  Cindi, a budding beauty having the cheetah face of her mother and the tawny lion body of her dad, was becoming aware of her femme fatale qualities.  She had also inherited the lush dark hair of her father’s eye-catching mane.   Cindi was nubile and at that age when she was beginning to attract the males in her freshman year at Kenya University.  Caroline wanted to change the subject and get her precocious cub off her trail.


“What are your dad and that sop face he married doing?  Is he still piloting a bush plane?” asked Caroline, licking a spoon of crème brule that she was making for Solly Simba.  It was his favorite.


“Uncle Shane is talking to him about taking up the justice minister’s post again.  I think Uncle Dickey has developed a drug problem,” said Cindi, dabbing a finger into her mom’s concoction and receiving a snarl for the small theft.


“I think you may be talking out of school, Cindi.  Isn’t that state business?”


“Daddy told me that,” said Cindi.  “So are you banging Solly Simba?” pressed Cindi. 


“None of your damn business, when did you get fingers?”


“I got them two months ago, Mommy, and you just noticed.”


“I’ve got to rush, Cindi.  I’ve got a fitness session at RUNNERS,” said Caroline, removing her frilly apron.


“Getting all buff for the fuck?” giggled Cindi. 


“You have no manners.”


The last thing Caroline needed was a visit from her son, Sonny, but there he was, opening the door and striding into her kitchen. 


“What are you cooking, Mom?” he asked dabbing a finger in the crème and licking it. 


“She’s cooking it for her lover boy,” crooned Cindi. 


“Shut up, Cindi,” snapped the exasperated Caroline whose most engaging trait was not her patience.


The nubile young temptress Cindi Simba...half lion and half cheetah.

             Sloane Simba sat in his half brother’s office sipping a Scotch presented to him by President Shane Simba.


“I’m moving Dickey to a lesser post.  He’s seems too stoned most of the time to handle your old slot,” said Shane, lighting a cigarette.  “Want your ministerial post back?”

Sloane rubbed his chin and gave it some thought.


“The safari business is slow these days.  I guess it’s the economic crunch.  Are you sure, Shane?”


“Yes, I’m sure, Sloane.  You were great in that post.  I think you and I fell out over Georgy and Sean’s marriage,” said Shane.


“Yes we did and they are happy as clams so I guess you were right, Shane.”


“Will you come back and take over your office?”


“Yes, I will.”


Sloane Simba regains his former post as justice minister for Kenya.....

             Irving Impala was becoming very successful with the soap operas he produced at his studios in WMM-TV. Caroline Cheetah’s bizarre cooking show had shot the moon in viewer interest. They were being syndicated in Africa and Asia. .  Irving’s news hours were worthy as well.   Now Roy Lee Simba, lion superstar and half-owner of Baboon-Simba Studios wanted to meet with Irving.  Irving’s driver made his tedious way through the midday traffic that thronged the streets that time of day.  Finally Irving’s Cadillac entered the impressive gates of the movie studio and the guards flagged Irving through.  Irving adjusted his tie as his well clod hooves sounded on the polished floor leading to the board room.  As Irving entered, he saw the lion superstar rise to greet him.  Roy Lee Simba is an extraordinary animal and Irving offered his hoof.  Remaining in his chair was partner, Bertram Baboon, sitting next to Gloria Chimpo the minor partner in the studio complex.   After the initial greeting designed to put the nervous Irving at ease, they got down to business. 



“Irving, you have been over the moon in your ratings with network soap operas.  What if we were to offer you our sound stages, talent and superior equipment? You could get a bigger corner on product development. They would go into greater syndication,” explained Roy Lee.


“What would it consist of as far as our studios are concerned, Roy Lee?” asked the anxious but intensely interested Irving.


“A contract where we would enhance your productions, develop your talent.  You would have artistic input buy we would benefit from the profits.  It’s a win-win situation for both.  You don’t have the room in your studios and the film business needs additives to keep it profitable.”


Irving’s eyes lit up and Roy Lee poured him a beaker of the best cognac. 


“I think we may have something going here, Roy Lee.  What do you think Mr. Baboon?”


“Bertram is a purist,” answered.  “He thinks film is the only viable art form. I, on the other hand, am more pragmatic than Bertram.  I see the handwriting on the wall.  Too many changes in the entertainment field to remain static, Irving.”


“What sort of legalities will this take, Roy Lee?” asked Gloria Chimpo.


“I think you and I have a nephew in common that could handle this contract,” roared Roy Lee to Gloria.


“Solly?” she asked.


“I know he went with the hospital but we can use him with this.  He has Shane’s cutting edge mind.”


third partner in Baboon-Simba Studios - Gloria Chimpo, sister to Betty...


            When Solly’s uncle, Roy Lee Simba called it the next day, he was interested in what the legendary lion actor had to say.  He had dinner with his Uncle Roy Lee and Aunt Janice and listened with fascination as Roy Lee poured out the fascinating opportunities of mixed media today and the need for attorneys to work with the myriad contracts connected with mergers and unions. 


“The problem is that I’m working with Frank Tigeres and Sylly Cougar at the clinic,” said Solly with much regret for he was truly excited at this prospect.


“What if I front you the money for Lewis Lyon to build you a suite of offices?  

You could have your own firm and handle the entertainment issues and Frank’s medical business as well,” offered Roy Lee.


“You’d do that for me, Uncle Roy?”


His uncle slapped a friendly hand on Solly’s back, “Of course I would, Solly, I always thought you would be special.  You are your father without the grinding poverty and sadness that went with his years as a cub and left those terrible emotional scars.  I predict great things for you.”


“Dad is not happy with me, Uncle Roy,” sighed Solly.

“He loves you too much – the most, actually.  He will come around, Solly.”


            Things moved quickly.  Solly labored between the Clinic and the Baboon-Simba Studios working on the various legalities.  Roy Lee gave Lewis Lyon a check to construct Solly an adequate and attractive building containing suites of offices.  Solly went to Luke Leoparde’s brother, Leland to incorporate his new law firm as Solomon Simba & Associates.  He liked Leland and asked if he would consider working with him.  Leland said he would think about it. 


            Solly went home one evening to find his mother alone in the library.  He sat down and poured himself a drink. 


“Where’s Dad?”


“He’s working with Maurice and Sloane to ease that transition.  He demoted Dickey to a very minor post.  It’s rather sad,” said Betty.


“Take a ride with me, Mom; I want to show you something.”


            They drove in Solly’s car toward the outskirts of the business district near Baboon-Simba Studios.  Not too far away was an attractive building that was nearing completion.  Solly helped Betty from the car.  They walked a few feet from the car and crossed a street.  In the deep night of Africa the streetlights shone on a sign that Solly proudly pointed to which read:  SOLOMON F. SIMBA LAW FIRM.


“Why Solly, this is amazing,” she said putting her slender arm around his waist and hugging him close.


“I’ll tell you about it in the car on the way home, Mom.”


“Alright, darling, I can’t wait to hear the details.”


                                    The new building.....



“Dad, holy shit,” screeched Imani Lyon jumping wildly around the living room at Ashley Lyon’s house. 


“What is it, Imani?  You act like you’ve seen a python.”


“Dad, I’m being invited to read for a new mini-series that gonna be produced at Baboon-Simba Studios and run on WMM-TV.”


“You’ll be rich, Imani.  You can get your own digs,” said Ashley, feeling very hopeful that Imani would score. 


Imani polishing for a new series.....



"The story continues..."