Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation ... The other eight are unimportant.

HENRY MILLER, Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch


      Solly Simba got an offer he couldn’t refuse.  He was called to the board room of the Tigeres-Lyon Clinic.  There to meet him were Drs. Frank Tigeres and Sylly Cougar Lyon, partners and owners of the exclusive and expanding hospital.  Frank stood to shake hands with the young lion dwarfing him by a good six inches in height.  Solly accepted a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.  

"Solly, as you probably realize our hospital has grown tremendously and includes human and animal patients.  Many frequent our services from other countries.  To put it modestly, we have grown quite popular,” chuffed the tiger doctor. 

 Sylly nodded in agreement. 


“Our liabilities have grown with each step in our progress as have our legal tasks,” explained Sylly. 


“We need a lawyer to head our legal department.  We have been using Simba Brothers but our needs have grown too great for Sam and the firm to handle,” added Frank.  “Will you consider being that counsel, Solly?”


Solly crossed his legs and accepted another cup of steaming coffee. 


“I think my dad is counting on my joining the pride firm but I was considering starting my own firm.   But this is an interesting offer, Dr. Tigeres,” said Solly.


“Shane and I are the best of friends.  We golf together when we have a chance.  I don’t want to upset his plans for you, young chap,” stated Frank. 


“No, I want to make my own choices.  Can I have a few days to think this over?”


“Of course you can,” said Sylly.  Frank nodded his assent. 


Solly Simba meets with doctors, Sylly Cougar-Lyon and Frank Tigeres......



Ashley Lyon and his daughter, Imani, survey the setting for his dinner with Evangeline......



            Ashley Lyon’s bush house was radiant with fresh flowers and heavy wooden pieces gleaming in the candle light.  The servants had polished the handsome home to a fine tune.  Company was on the way and Ashley was nervously walking about with beer in hand.  His daughter, Imani, having been in an unusually good mood this past week, was bustling around the kitchen making the cook’s life miserable. 


“Dad, chill out,” she laughed as Ashley grabbed another beer from the double wide fridge.  “You must be in love.”


“Imani, let Malek do the cooking,” admonished Ashley in defense of the hapless human whose turf Imani had invaded. 

“I’m making Yorkshire pudding, Dad.  Shiiit,” she said, dropping a hot pan in the sink.


“Do you even know how to make that stuff, Imani?” asked Ashley as the cook threw up his hands in distress.


“Yeeees,” hissed Imani, sucking on the two burned fingers.

The doorbell rang and Ashley made a dash for the entrance hall.

 Betty rushes home...


            Betty Chimpo Simba left Kenya University where she had remained a department head despite her remarriage to Kenya’s President.  She lit a cigarette.  She was anxious.  Her oldest son with Shane had told her that he was accepting a job as the legal head of the Tigeres-Lyon Clinic.  Tonight was a family dinner where he would share the news with his father.  Betty had thought a family gathering involving their melded children and grandchildren would be so jam packed with animal kin that Shane would have to curb his misery at Solly eschewing a position at Simba Brothers.


“I hope they don’t stay too long, Fifi,” said Shane as they were kicking back in their bedroom before the dinner. .


“Why, darling? Tomorrow is Saturday,” said Betty handing her hubby a drink. 


“I’m playing tennis with Lewis Lyon at 6:00 am,” he said, loosening his Armani tie and kissing the tip of her nose. 


“We could have had them Sunday instead of tonight.”


“The occasion is tonight, Shane.  Stop fretting.”


“Great, I have to listen to Sean monopolize the conversation with football and soccer,” he griped. 


“You can share the limelight with your preferred subject – politics,” giggled Betty, who was relieved that he had dropped religion since the rebuff from the church.


            While Shane showered, Betty slipped down the hall to Solly’s suite of rooms.  Her son was hooked to his IPod.  He removed the earplugs when his mother entered and gave her a back pat. 

“I hope your father is primed with liquor and won’t get too bent out of shape, Sol,” she said, brushing lint from his dark shirt. 


“Why does he have to be such a high maintenance dude?” groused Solly.


“Shush, Solly.  Are you wearing those jeans?”


“I thought I would.  If it turns out to be a fist fight, I can move easier in these,” he laughed. 

“Those are so informal,” said Betty, eyeballing her son’s attire. 


“Did you want me to don a tux for the evening?”


“Don’t be silly, Solly,” she giggled.  “They are all arriving around eight.  Don’t be late.”


Solly insists on wearing jeans.....



            Evangeline Cougar was settled comfortably in one of Ashley Lyon’s cushy chairs in his den.  Ashley was mixing her martini.  He handed it to her as Imani came bearing a tray of canapés.  Imani had never seen her laid back dad so wired.  She glanced at the beautiful cougar female and realized that her dad was in love.  Staci Simba, Ash’s second and ex-wife was not gong to like this one bit.  Imani smiled inwardly.  She relished the thought of Staci’s potential jealousy.  She didn’t care her.  She was also delighted that her handsome dad was removing her competition for Solly Simba.  Imani made a mental note to discuss this with her mother, Leah.


            As the dessert was passed around the table by the liveried servants, some appetites had been tamped down.  Solly Simba, having undergone extreme agitation on the part of his father upon the announcement of his new job as legal counsel for the Tigeres-Lyon Clinic, was no longer ravenous for his favorite crème Brule.  In fact, the young lion was most anxious to leave the mansion he shared with his parents. 


            At last the painful dinner ended and Solly left the company of parents and family members begging off on a fictional appointment.  Let Mom handle Dad, he thought to himself as he ran to his car and got in.  

Caroline Cheetah with her favorite drink and cigarette.... 


            The Watering Hole Pub was so filled with valentine weekend revelers Solly could barely push through the throngs and find a place at the bar. . He had managed to get a Scotch when a gorgeous cheetah’s amber eyes lit up and she began purring like a finely tuned Ferrari. 


“Good God, I can’t believe this,” she purred.  “Shane Simba in a public bar again.”


“No, no, not Shane Simba,” protested Solly in the weariness of having been mistaken for his father innumerable times.


“Then who?  You are a dead ringer,” she said.


“I am his son and clone,” announced Solly.


“Then you are by the ape?”


“If you are referring to Betty Simba, yes – my mom,” he snarled. 


“I knew you weren’t my nephew, although I’ve had a piece of that action at any rate,” said the cheetah lighting a cigarette. “I’ve been in Paris for the past year.”


“Doing what?”


“I am very famous for my syndicated televised cooking shows,” she huffed, eyes wide. "I spent a year with the Parisian version."


“I wouldn’t know.  I don’t cook.”


“You are aware, of course, that he loved my late sister, Catherine, much, much more than he did your mother, aren’t you?” snapped Caroline Cheetah with stiletto heeled shoe firmly placed on the bar rung. 


“Who is ‘he’?”


“Your father - Shane Simba.”


“He married my mother twice which speaks volumes for Mom and her hold on him,” said Solly, in a state of anger mixed with an aggravating state of arousal.


“I’ve ruffled your feathers,” she cooed, stroking his arm with gleaming red nails.  “That was not my intent.”


“Just to get the record straight, what was your intent?”


“I have always adored your father.”


“Join the league of females.  They meet in the Nairobi soccer stadium every year in June.  Don’t’ you have a kid with him?” growled Solly who was not happy with his current condition. 


Caroline lit another cigarette, ordered another drink and declared, “Everyone has kids by your dad.  Did you think that was special?”


Solly could feel his skin burn with fury.  Anger was one thing but this feeling of intense desire for this gorgeous, infuriating feline standing in front of him was quite another.  Caroline noticed the young lion struggling with this emotional vortex and placed her hand on his arm once more.  Her dark eyes softened and she licked her lips. 


“Why don’t we have a drink at my place?  I’ve bought a wonderful house here.  In fact it used to be your father’s when he married my sister.  I always loved that house and when I returned from Paris I found it was for sale.  How about that drink?”


Solly was getting hornier by the moment. 


“I’ll follow you there,” he said.


            He stayed until early Monday morning before returning to his parent’s abode.  The lion and cheetah did it in the shower, swimming pool, in a bathtub banked by candles, the couch in the living room, the desk in her study, the kitchen counter and Caroline’s silken king-sized bed.  It was a marathon of sexual proportions such as Solly, unlike his father, had never engaged in before this weekend.  He felt satiated, drained and –as expected – hungry for more. 


Solly stays with Caroline Cheetah until Monday morning...



            Imani Lyon, on that Friday night, having helped with her father’s dinner for Evangeline Cougar, had attempted to phone Solly Simba on his cell and at the presidential mansion.  Solly’s cell phone was turned off.  The switchboard operator, an impatient baboon female, finally blocked Imani’s calls screeching they were threatening to disturb President and Mrs. Simba.. .


            President Shane Simba, accompanied by his wife, Betty, attended the First Church of the Ascending Predator that Sunday.  However, the main topic of conversation was not the leader and first lady but Melba Tigeres.  Melba Tigeres, being the wife of Dr. Frank Tigeres, was obviously pregnant with a new litter.  Everyone had lost count of how many litters Melba and Frank had produced. The feline ladies of Melba’s generation were quite agog.  Mildred Lyon poked Ralph Lyon in the ribs.  The purpose of the prod was not only to put an end to his soft snores as he nodded off in church but to also call his attention to the pregnant tigress.


“Melba is pregnant again, Ralph,” whispered Mildred.


“That’s nice, Millie,” was the former lion president’s uninterested response.



"The story continues..."