Meet The Characters

current President of Kenya - Shane Simba

Inauguration day in 2006:  Charley Lyon,  Shane Simba, me and Ralph Lyon...

former President, Ralph Lyon.....

I want to tell you something of my friends.  I want to profile each so that you may catch up on this complicated story that I have been recounting since 1998.  I must start first with:

Lyon Pride:

Ralph Lyon is the head of a pride of lions.  He also happens to be the retired President of Kenya.  His father's pride was in the Masai Mara.  It was of the old order of prides, forcing the young males to leave before they reached the threatening point.   Ralph was made to leave by his father.   He had gotten to know a young lioness in his early years.  She was not of the same  lineage as his, being the daughter of another pride male.  Mildred had loved Ralph since they played tail chase as young cubs, gathering at the feeds of their mothers.  Ralph, when evicted, took young Mildred with him.  Eventually he took over another male's pride.  Ralph had never condoned the killing of cubs by  males who took over a pride.  That went against his moral grain although it was the way of the  lions in East Africa.  Mildred never got accustomed to sharing Ralph with other lionesses.  There was something of an emotional battle for years.  Finally, when  Ralph was firmly established as the first animal president of Kenya, he and Mildred settled on a plan.  She would live with him in the State House with her children by him.  The State House, originally in Nairobi, has been in the Masai Mara for several years now.  Mildred acts as his partner in matters of  government in the style of all helpful wives to political figures.  Mildred  has given birth to these of Ralph's offspring:  Junior and Lisa (litter mates), Ashley and Melanie (litter mates), Charlie, and Anissa Lyon.  Charley and Anissa were single births, Anissa  being the youngest.  (More about these offspring later).   Mildred, by her  husband's side, is a patron and instigator behind the AIDS prevention, clinic and hospice programs in Kenya.   Ralph asked me to be his press secretary when he first took office.  I have had the honor and pleasure  of seeing him evolve into a living legend as is his great friend, Nelson Mandella.    Ralph is a work in progress, from his days as the lazy male hanging around tourist vans and sniffing up the pretty ladies's skirts to the strong leader and innovator of today.

First Lioness, Mildred Lyon: She left with Ralph when he formed his own pride. She was his first lioness. She is now the main lioness and the Kenyans call her Mama Simba (Swahili for lion). She has six offspring by Ralph. Junior Lyon and Lisa were her first litter, then came Ashley and Melanie, who are litter mates. Charles Adam Lyon was a single birth, followed by Anissa Lyon.

Ashley Lyon, the dark maned and very sexy son of the governing couple, was born with his litter mate, Melanie (wed to Tommy Tigeres). He is educated in England. Is now a part owner of Jackal-Lyon Realty. Also a silent partner in Leoparde-Lyon Safari Club. Ashley owns and flies his own plane. He is into sports and females. Was married to Betty Chimpo. They had one son by a French process involving petrie dishes, etc. His name is Arlon Lyon. He lives with Betty and her new husband Sam Simba. Ashley has him on some holidays and weekends. Ashley recently wed Leah Simba, the daughter of super star, Roy Lee Simba and his ex-wife, Janice Jaguar. Ashley and Leah are expecting first child this spring.

Bubba Simba, Chief of Police for the Masai Mara: Bubba was appointed by Ralph Lyon as his head law enforcement officer for the Mara. Bubba is a great chap, though mostly unschooled. He has several lionesses, the most recent being Lulu Scar. He is Roy Lee's litter mate.

Sefu Simba: Sefu, being allowed an advanced education after Roy Lee brought the pride up to ecnomic snuff, graduated from Law in London England. On his arrival back in the Masai Mara, President Ralph Lyon appointed him District Attorney for the Mara. At the death of Judge Durwood Gorilla, the president then appointed to the bench. He has a villa on Leoparde Drive and is married to the news anchor at WMM-TV, Cassandra Cheetah, a graduate of music from the Sorbonne in Paris. The couple have twin cubs.

Chris Simba: The litter mate of Sefu, was graduated in the School of Economics at Oxford England. He was made the Executive Director of The Nathan Leoparde Memorial Foundation which was formed by Sylvia Leoparde Cougar in memory of her late father, billionaire Nathan Leoparde. Chris, despite a very conservative streak, has married twice within a year. First he married the black leopard runway model, Zambia. He impregnated the lioness, Laura Leo, who sued him. Later he divorced Zambia to marry Laura and help raise her cubs by him. That was short lived, Laura being a psychopath and mistreating the hapless Chris. He lost his new home on Lyon Avenue to Zambia, his first wife. He lived with his mother, Sarah Lee Simba, in the home Roy Lee built for her when he had custody of his cubs. These days, he able to rent a condo. Laura has joint custody of their cubs now. Chris is engaged to Anissa Lyon, the first couple's youngest daughter.

Sam Simba: Sam arrived back in the Mara from his law school in England. He went into practice with Sefu's firm which became Simba Brothers, Associates. He practiced law with Sefu and their associate Liz Leoparde. While seeing a variety of females, including Simone Serval, he met Betty Chimpo Lyon, the estranged wife of Ashle Lyon. He fell in love with Betty. After her divorce, she wed Sam. He built a wonderful home on the Mara River. Betty went through a rough time when she miscarried and they almost split up. They made it through the rough patch, however. When Sefu Simba was appointed to the bench, Ralph Lyon asked Sam to be his District Attorney. It caught Sam at a difficult time in his life. Sam always preferred the give and take of regular and asked the president to release him from the post. Ralph complied. Sam is now practicing law again and making a mint doing so.

Sarah Lee Simba, the mother of these male lions, lives at a home Roy Lee had built for her when he became a superstar. She is loving and devoted to her pride members, having a brunch for them every Sunday. 

"The story continues..."