The beginning...

I started creating these stories and characters in 1998. I had only worked with computers on a word processing base. The Internet was a mystery to me. My very computer literate daughter paid me a visit, I bought a computer and she taught me the joys of the worldwide net. She also taught me how to use Paint Shop Pro, a very comprehensive graphics program. I have always been an intense animal lover from childhood. I ended up working professionally with them in capacities ranging from zoo work, director of a humane society and county humane officer. From my childhood I harbored a love of East Africa and the wild animals that populate that region, especially the big cats. I began to create graphics about a lion named Ralph, his wife, Mildred and their offspring. They were one liner pictorials. I incorporated a character named Sylvia, an air headed and very wealthy leopardess. They evolved from the one line graphics to some writings about the characters, mostly feigned newpaper articles. After a couple of years, I evolved a minor character, Maurice Monkee as my mouthpiece. Friends and family ask me if I have humans in mind when I write them. I must admit that Ralph Lyon bears some of the characteristics of my late father but aside from that, they are individuals that I create as I go along. When I am writing I go into their world and remain there until the finish of that dayís offering. I never know what is going to happen until I feel them speak to me. Yes, itís looney tunes, but long ago as an only child in a rural setting, I learned to entertain myself. I believe I am a bonafide furry.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoy writing them. They are now into the second generation. I refer to it as a wild animal soap opera based in the Masai Mara in Kenya. I hope you will take time each day, kick back and have a good read at my expense.


Mary Mansour

"The story continues..."